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25 Apr 2022

Employee Spotlight - John Robert

John Robert joined the company in August of 2018 as Territory Manager in Houston, Texas, after graduating from Texas Tech University. John spent most of his time as a Territory Manager, consulting with contractors and working with our distribution partners throughout greater Houston.

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15 Dec 2021

Employee Spotlight - Nick Ahrens

Nick joined the team at JB Warranties in late 2014 as a Territory Manager, focused on growing the California market. While working out of our Texas offices in 2015, Nick was identified as the perfect person to lead our budding National Accounts team and develop our strategic partnerships with equipment manufacturers.

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14 Oct 2021

Employee Spotlight - Whitney Ryan

Whitney Ryan joined JB Warranties in December of 2017. She is a valued member of our Claims Department that brings her enthusiasm and eagerness to work each and every day. 

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08 Sep 2021

Employee Spotlight - Brett Cue

Brett Cue joined the JB Warranties team in 2013 as an inside sales/ customer service representative. In 2014, Brett was promoted to a full-time sales role as a Territory Manager and relocated out west to support the expansion into the Arizona market. Riding the success of the Arizona expansion, Brett expanded his footprint again into Oregon and Washington in 2015-2016.

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21 Jun 2021

Employee Spotlight - Will Basko

Will Basko started off his career in the HVAC industry as an entry-level forklift driver for an HVAC distribution warehouse. He worked his way up to counter salesman where he served contractors daily and being the go-to guy for all things parts/supplies/equipment in his area. After more promotions, he worked his way up to the store manager position.

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20 Apr 2021

Employee Spotlight - Gracie Diaz-Cabrera

Gracie Diaz-Cabrera has been with JB Warranties for 8 years. She serves as our Customer Service Department Manager. As the longest tenured and original member of the Customer Service team, Gracie has seen JB Warranties change offices three times and has managed the team during a time of significant growth, with the department doubling many times over. Gracie has a positive attitude and tremendous work ethic. We are so grateful to have Gracie as part of the JB Warranties family.

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24 Feb 2021

Employee Spotlight - Whitney Haynes

Whitney Haynes has been working in the Claims Department and a part of the JB Warranties family for five years. She excels in problem solving and is always willing to go the extra mile in assisting customers. She serves as a mentor to other claims adjusters and is excellent at training new employees. Whitney truly is a team player in every aspect. We are grateful to have her as an employee and as a friend.

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08 Dec 2020

Employee Spotlight - Don Seaward

Don Seaward is the longest tenured member of the sales team here at JB Warranties. Don started in his current capacity as the Regional Sales Manager of Florida back in 2008, but his relationship with Mr. Bohannan goes back before then. Since 2008, Don has been the #1 salesman in the company every single year, accounting for a large portion of all JB Warranties business, affirming that Don is one of the foremost experts in HVAC warranty.

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01 Oct 2020

Employee Spotlight - Houstin Engstrom

Houstin Engstrom joined the team in January of 2018 during the first wave of expansion. Houstin’s original territory was the city of Phoenix, a portal that he was able to grow and make significant progress in. Riding the momentum of a great year in 2018, Brett expanded Houstin’s responsibilities to the full state of Arizona for 2019.

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25 Sep 2020

Employee Spotlight - Natalie Richburg

Natalie Richburg has been with JBW in the Customer Service/ Inside Sales department since February 2019. In a year and a half, Natalie has demonstrated again and again that she is a true real team player.

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