25 Sep 2023

How to Handle Negative Online Reviews and Maintain a Good Reputation

Did you know thatnine out of ten consumers turn to an online review site before making a purchase or moving forward with a professional service? As an HVAC or plumbing business owner, you depend on positive online reviews to power your long-term success and reputation. However, no business is perfect, and it’s not uncommon to find a negative review in the sea of positive feedback.

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18 Sep 2023

Grow Your Supplier and Distributor Relationships into Partnerships

Licensing, insuring, and funding your venture were likely some of the first steps you took to kickstart your HVAC or plumbing business. Now that you’re on the path to long-term success, creating mutually beneficial relationships with your suppliers and distributors is equally as important.

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11 Sep 2023

The Pros and Cons of VRF Systems

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems offer consumers the strongest return on investment (ROI) with some of the highest energy efficiency across all HVAC solutions—but what’s the deal? Though first introduced in Japan in the late 1980s, the U.S. didn’t catch wind of VRF technology for nearly two decades. Fast-forward to 2010, the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) released a VRF standard of performance rating, which fueled strong American adoption.

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04 Sep 2023

5 Expert Tips for Training New HVAC Employees

Whether you’re welcoming a promising apprentice or an industry veteran to your HVACR team, the premise remains the same: you must properly train all new employees. Failing to implement the correct strategies to align new employees with your existing operations can not only increase costly onboarding delays and skyrocket employee turnover rates but also plummet customer satisfaction.

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28 Aug 2023

JB Warranties August Round-Up

Hey there, HVAC and plumbing professionals! Welcome back to another JB Warranties Monthly Round-Up, your go-to destination for all of the industry’s latest hot topics, breaking news, and current events that took place over the past weeks. With the fall season quickly approaching (yes, already!), we hope that you’ve enjoyed a busy, yet profitable summer season. 

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21 Aug 2023

Best Online Forums for HVAC Professionals

Between the introduction of new HVAC equipment and updates to installation and maintenance best practices, HVAC professionals know firsthand just how complex this industry can be. That’s why many experts turn to online forums with questions and to discuss various HVAC topics and trends — to gain the knowledge they need to scale and succeed in this highly competitive field. 

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14 Aug 2023

Best Online Forums for Plumbing Professionals

Whether you’re seeking advice for a complex project or selling unused equipment, there are several reasons why you would visit plumber forums to enhance your operations and grow your network. Plumber forums are social platforms where professional plumbers from around the world can interact and gain helpful insight into plumbing industry trends, frequently asked questions, and hot topics. You will encounter common plumbing project questions about hot water heaters, water pressure, clogged drains, leaky faucets, and so on, or more complex plumbing questions.

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07 Aug 2023

5 Business Benefits of Offering HVAC Extended Warranty Services

If you’re an HVAC contractor who doesn’t offer HVAC extended warranties, what’s holding you back? Sure, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranties are lengthy, but those warranties cover parts only — not parts and labor. Chances are, your existing customers will appreciate the peace of mind that an extended warranty brings, and you will love the long-term relationships that extended service agreements offer.

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31 Jul 2023

JB Warranties July Round-Up

Welcome back, HVAC and plumbing professionals! We’re here again with another JB Warranties Monthly Round-Up, our time to dive into the latest industry events, news, and hot topics that occurred over the past month. With scorching temperatures heating up across the country, we can bet that customers have kept you busy—so let’s take a break to check out this month's topics!

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24 Jul 2023

Top 5 Types of Water Filtration Systems Plumbers Should Offer Customers

As a plumbing professional, nothing matters more to a profitable operation than the ability to meet consumer demands with a variety of service offerings. With consumers today specifically seeking health and wellness enhancements for their homes, water filtration services are a lucrative addition to your service offerings that help homeowners ensure their drinking water supply remains safe.

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