24 Jun 2024

The Benefits of HVAC and Plumbing Service Contracts (and How to Develop Them)

From boosting company value to providing customers with peace of mind, HVAC and plumbing service contracts are one of the keys to business longevity. In a market where a new hot water heater can cost the average customer between $1,378 and $3,512 and a new AC unit can run them between $3,910 and $7,983, service contracts are a profitable way to protect these investments. 

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17 Jun 2024

Effective Sales Strategies for HVAC and Plumbing Businesses

Let’s face it: The era of cold calling is dead. At a time when U.S. consumers receive four billion robocalls a month—that’s nearly one to two phone calls every second—no homeowner wants to answer an unknown call in hopes that it just might be a plumbing or HVAC sales tech offering a preventative maintenance plan coupon. In today’s day and (digital) age, you’ll need a bona fide sales strategy.

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10 Jun 2024

The Rise of Decarbonization: What Contractors Need to Know

For the past several decades, growing global climate concerns and surging demand for sustainable products have prompted countless industries to adjust their operations to reduce not only their consumers’ carbon footprint, but also their own. From evolving customer preferences to escalating emissions regulations, the decarbonization process in HVAC has now become simply unavoidable. 

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04 Jun 2024

JB Warranties May 2024 Round-Up

So, are we feeling the heat yet, HVAC and plumbing pros? With record temperatures and wicked weather already blanketing most of the country, we bet that service calls for refrigerant leaks, faulty condensate pumps, and worn belts and fans have skyrocketed as more home and business owners cranked on their air conditioners. But keep cool, you know we’ve still gathered the latest news! 

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20 May 2024

Customer Service Tips for Plumbers and HVAC Contractors

Customer service tips are a dime a dozen, but the successful execution of those tips is worth so much more. 

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13 May 2024

Top Safety Tips for Plumbers and Plumbing Businesses

A few years ago, if you had asked what the top safety tips were for plumbing businesses and their technicians, most answers would involve some sort of COVID-19 precautions. However, even as we stray further away from daunting mentions of the pandemic, we simply cannot neglect to continue the safety practices and procedures concerning general technicians and businesses’ well-being. 

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06 May 2024

JB Warranties April 2024 Round-Up

We’ve wrapped up the first month of the second quarter, finalized our tax paperwork, and even refreshed the look of our website, all while maintaining typical operations along the way. If we had to guess, you’ve had a pretty busy month, too—that’s why we’re here to fill you in on the latest news!

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22 Apr 2024

Boost Your HVAC Business: Master Short-Form Video Content for Enhanced Engagement and Growth

Video marketing is transforming how businesses connect with their audience, offering a powerful tool to stand out in the competitive HVAC industry. Short-form video content, with its ability to quickly capture and hold attention, is particularly effective. This format is ideal for conveying your expertise, showcasing your services, and sharing valuable tips in a way that's both engaging and easy to digest.

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15 Apr 2024

Importance of Strong Trade Company Culture (and How to Build It)

Now, more than ever, a strong company culture is a key supporting factor of a trade business’s brand image and long-term success. Employee retention and labor shortages have plagued trade businesses, namely HVAC and plumbing companies, for many years, encouraging owners and managers to enhance their current company culture and, in turn, their employee experiences.

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01 Apr 2024

JB Warranties March 2024 Round-Up

Welcome back, plumbing and HVAC experts! The team at JB Warranties has been hard at work burning the midnight oil these past few weeks, finding the latest (and greatest) trade industry trends and figuring out how we can help simplify upcoming transitions in commercial building energy codes and refrigerant standards. And folks, we’ve gathered a bunch of insights to share!

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