20 Mar 2023

The Top 5 HVAC Industry Safety Hazards Technicians Must Know

Every day across the HVAC industry, our contractors and technicians face many safety hazards that can put both themselves and their customers in harm's way. But while it’s the industry standard to educate teams on general HVAC regulations, it’s too common for operators to skimp over the basics of common safety hazards, including how to avoid illness and injury.

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13 Mar 2023

Celebrating Women in HVAC and Plumbing 2023

Every month is Women's Month for the powerful HVAC and plumbing professionals we work alongside at JB Warranties — but in March, we especially want to celebrate the women in our field. From President Jimmy Carter’s first National Women’s History Week in March 1980 to the official Women’s History Month designation in 1987, there’s a ton to celebrate now in 2023!

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06 Mar 2023

February Plumbing and HVAC Industry Round-Up

Welcome back, HVAC and plumbing experts! The team here at JB Warranties hopes you’ve had a great start to 2023, with nothing but smooth operations at each step. As the short month of February has quickly ended (and March is underway!), now is the time to recap the top industry news, trends, and topics in our monthly JB Warranties’ Round-Up.

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27 Feb 2023

Search Marketing: What it is and How to Maximize it in 2023

Online searches serve as the leading method of connecting customers to HVAC and plumbing businesses, and in 2023, that’s not projected to change. With most home and business owners heading to search engines like Google to find a service provider, it’s never been more important to understand search engine marketing (SEM) to maximize lead generation all year.

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20 Feb 2023

Harnessing the Unspoken Power of LinkedIn for HVAC & Plumbing Lead Gen

When leveraging social media for lead generation when it comes to the plumbing and HVAC industries, it’s common to see the same go-to networks, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as contenders to gain prospects. It’s also just as common for LinkedIn — the social media platform geared explicitly toward professionals of all sectors — to be significantly undervalued or entirely left out of the marketing strategy.

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14 Feb 2023

💓 Three Products We've Fallen in Love With

As you probably know, we've got a marketplace full of fantastic products to improve your business. Our JB Dealer Services Marketplace has everything from field service management to financing & accounting to human capital management to marketing, communications & e-commerce...we've got it all.

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13 Feb 2023

What Contractors Need to Know About the Inflation Reduction Act

Since the Inflation Reduction Act was first signed in the summer of 2022, HVAC and plumbing contractors have been awaiting the numerous provisions included. Fast forward to the early months of 2023; several of these regulations now aim to promote energy-efficient tax incentives and new rebate programs that can benefit both HVAC and plumbing contractors and our customers.

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09 Feb 2023

Celebrating African American Inventors Who Changed the HVAC & Plumbing Industries


Black History Month, which was initially a week-only event until 1976 when it became an officially recognized month, focuses on and celebrates the contributions of African Americans to the United States from all periods of history. The theme for Black History Month 2023, as set by ASALH (Association for the Study of African American Life and History), is Black Resistance.

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31 Jan 2023

January Plumbing and HVAC Industry Round-Up

Happy New Year, HVAC and plumbing professionals! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and an even better start to 2023. Last year, we introduced monthly round-ups to recap the top HVAC and plumbing industry topics and trends. We will continue providing all the need-to-know information that could impact your operations in 2023. 

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23 Jan 2023

Top 4 Customer Service Tips to Build & Maintain a Loyal Client Base

From recurring customers to successful referrals, you must apply a high level of customer service to every work order to build and maintain a profitable customer base. Research shows that 89% of consumers are more likely to make use of a service or purchase a product again following a positive customer service experience with a company.

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