16 Nov 2021

Cybersecurity Concerns for HVAC & Plumbing Industries: Top 6 Issues

It’s no secret that cybercrime has been on the rise over the past decade. Fueled by a digital shift that’s only ramped up since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, cybersecurity experts anticipate the cost of damages induced by cybercrime will double from $3 billion in 2015 to $6 billion by the end of 2021. Moreover, as employers deploy more remote work and cloud-based solutions, cybercriminals access more opportunities to wreak havoc on unsuspecting businesses.

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08 Nov 2021

Attract & Retain Great Employees for HVAC & Plumbing Companies

With the current state of the job market, it’s been quite a challenge for HVAC and plumbing businesses operators to attract and retain quality employees. It’s been equally challenging to maintain ongoing customer demand without a strong team of employees, causing friction in the quality of services. 

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20 Oct 2021

6 Tips for Selling HVAC Extended Warranties

Professionals in the HVAC industry know the installation and purchase costs that accompany a residential or commercial HVAC system—as well as the potential future costs customers may incur down the line in the event of repair or replacement.  When your customers decide to take on this investment, they want to feel secure in their purchase and protected against future troubles. 

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14 Oct 2021

Employee Spotlight - Whitney Ryan

Whitney Ryan joined JB Warranties in December of 2017. She is a valued member of our Claims Department that brings her enthusiasm and eagerness to work each and every day. 

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22 Sep 2021

Resources for Industry Pros if COVID-19 Continues to Impact Operations

For the past year and a half, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a rollercoaster of operational disruptions that no one saw coming—including HVAC and plumbing business operators. However, despite a brief reprieve in cases across certain areas, the recent resurgence of the Delta variant has led to spiking case numbers and location-specific shutdowns that indicate this pandemic isn't going anywhere any time soon.

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15 Sep 2021

Trade Talk | Rent-to-Own HVAC: Win-Win for Contractors and Customers

On this episode of Trade Talk, Chad Martin from Atwood Rentals HVAC shares his insight on why more and more customers and contractors are looking to them for help when purchasing a new AC system. He digs into the rent-to-own side of HVAC and how it's becoming more popular with contractors and customers.

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08 Sep 2021

Employee Spotlight - Brett Cue

Brett Cue joined the JB Warranties team in 2013 as an inside sales/ customer service representative. In 2014, Brett was promoted to a full-time sales role as a Territory Manager and relocated out west to support the expansion into the Arizona market. Riding the success of the Arizona expansion, Brett expanded his footprint again into Oregon and Washington in 2015-2016.

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01 Sep 2021

Navigating Workforce Expansion During a Trade Labor Shortage

As the world continues to navigate the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, countless job sectors now face intense labor shortages. However, the HVAC and plumbing industry had already experienced labor shortages before the pandemic began. COVID-19 just made it more challenging for companies looking to hire in this industry. 

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25 Aug 2021

How to Run a Family-Owned HVAC or Plumbing Business and Keep Relationships Going Strong

Many family-owned businesses are successful because they can balance family issues with business relationships. Sometimes that's easier said than done, right?

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11 Aug 2021

7 Tips for Earning Referrals for Your HVAC or Plumbing Business

While it's true that referrals lead to sales, it's important to recognize that you won't get referrals by wishing for them. Instead, referrals roll in when you can turn customers into advocates for your company. Your services must exceed customer expectations and entice clients to share your plumbing or HVAC company with others. But sometimes, you must also take proactive steps to get the referrals flowing.

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