24 May 2022

Creating a Quality Sales Process for Your HVAC or Plumbing Business


When it comes to the factors that help build a successful HVAC or plumbing business, a robust operation doesn't simply start and end with top-notch customer service — in fact, it's quite the opposite. For an HVAC or plumbing business to truly thrive, owners must tap into various types of revenue streams, including a quality sales process, just to lock in customers in the first place.

Even with decades of experience and high-quality products, a flawed sales process can result in missed profits and costly overstock of equipment you just can't sell. If you need to enhance how you sell, keep reading to understand where you might be coming short and how to address it. 

Common Sales Struggles for HVAC and Plumbing Companies

Even with leading local reviews and a steady customer base, HVAC or plumbing business owners may still discover that they're dealing with struggling sales numbers. A primary reason why sales numbers might be slipping is that businesses are failing to put in the work to seek out quality sales leads. Leads are integral to the sales pipeline, as they eventually become paying customers. 

Some business owners wait on a standard service call to offer system upgrades. In reality, there are numerous opportunities — like ongoing commercial construction and new homeowners — for HVAC and plumbing service sales. Therefore, companies must target specific local demographics with marketing strategies or network with local project developers to enhance leads.

Another driver behind slow sales is when HVAC or plumbing operators fail to see the potential sales power of their technicians when dealing with customers out in the field. As a result, business owners may need to implement better technician management strategies, such as holding an instruction on quality sales skills and delegating high-performing techs who know how to upsell to specific jobs.

Best Practices for a Quality Sales Process

best-practicesNo matter what sort of industry you're dealing with, there are countless opportunities to help boost company sales initiatives and increase revenue. Here are a few of our top choices for building a quality sales process specifically for HVAC and plumbing companies. 

1. Don't Wait for Sales Opportunities to Come to You

Rather than wait on service calls to push company sales initiatives, HVAC and plumbing operators must embrace the power of prospecting for new sales opportunities. This step is where good leads mean the most. Start by identifying your top potential leads using readily accessible resources, such as:

  •     Networking contacts made through trade shows and local partnerships,
  •     Social media followers on Facebook and Instagram,
  •     Local commercial and residential developers,
  •     Website contact form sign-ups,
  •     And inactive past customers. 

Select your top leads to conduct outreach, from phone calls to email newsletters, and get more personable with these individuals. Inquire about their current HVAC or plumbing solutions and any current concerns they may have. Use this as an opportunity to schedule a free system check-up, where you can have a technician meet them in person to push potential sales opportunities further. 

2. Set Your Technicians Up for Sales Success

successWhen it comes to determining who has the best chance of successfully securing sales, your technicians will almost always be the answer. Sales process success improves when businesses implement specific technician-management strategies. Start by looking at current technician sales performances and determine which team members have proven the most successful when it comes to new install sales and general service and product upselling. 

You can better structure your dispatching process to encourage stronger sales with this data. For instance, you may want to dispatch top-performing technicians to new-customer service calls. These technicians can assess current system troubles and present the best service and system upgrade opportunities possible. For those technicians who need a bit of a sales push, consider partnering them up with a top sales performer as a sort of in-person instruction.

To ensure strong sales initiatives every visit, provide your team with tips and tools to help guide the way. For example, enable technicians with the ability to motivate customers with special promotions, such as first-time customer discounts or loyal customer service upgrades coupons. However, be sure that technicians maintain a gentle approach and never pressure sales on customers — ensure they focus on demonstrating the value behind such services and products. 

That brings us to our next point:

3. Always Demonstrate Value and Provide Easier Buying Options

demonstrate-valueTo seal the deal with ongoing and potential customers alike, the most crucial thing HVAC and plumbing businesses can do in their sales processes is to demonstrate value. Whether you're performing a cold call or having a technician upsell a new system install, customers want to feel that they're making the right decision to agree to your sales pitch. 

To demonstrate the value of services or equipment, inform customers of all the benefits the services and equipment offer. From return on investment (ROI) energy savings to impressive warranty details, sales opportunities should always be presented as a customer advantage and not a profit win for your company. Demonstrating value also comes down to the quality of customer service provided, keeping the customer conversations two-way, and ensuring all concerns and questions are addressed.

Lastly, even with a quality sales approach established, the one thing that can hold customers back from moving forward is the hesitation or inability to make an investment. Help soften this customer concern by offering more accessible buying options, such as financing programs that allow for multiple monthly and down payment options. If necessary, help walk them through the paperwork process for these financing options and ensure they thoroughly understand all terms and conditions.

Enhance Your Sales Process Today

With the above tips, you might have realized that your current sales process has a ways to go before it can help boost profit. Fortunately, you don't have to do it all alone. Check out JB Warranties' Dealer Services Marketplace for numerous business tools that can streamline your day-to-day HVAC or plumbing operations and help promote the conversion of potential leads into sales.

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