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28 Nov 2022

November Plumbing and HVAC Industry Round-Up

Welcome back, HVAC and plumbing professionals! We're here with another of JB Warranties’ Monthly Round-Ups, a recurring post to discuss the various topics and trends that have impacted the trade industries over the course of the past month. With these monthly discussions, we aim to better equip you and your trade company with resources that can enhance your overall operations.

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22 Nov 2022

Leveraging Small Business Saturday & Shop Small ® Season for your HVAC and Plumbing Business

Small Business Saturday

By now, most people have heard of Small Business Saturday - the Saturday following Thanksgiving (and Black Friday).  It's a day when consumers focus on supporting small businesses in their communities and across the country. This designated shopping day was officially kicked off in 2010 by American Express and has been co-sponsored by the US Small Business Association since 2011. All 50 states observe this day, and while there is one specific Small Business Saturday, the Shop Small ® theme continues throughout the holiday season.

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31 Oct 2022

October Plumbing and HVAC Industry Round-Up

Welcome back to another JB Warranties’ Monthly Round-Up, the corner of the internet where us tradesfolk discuss relevant trends that have impacted the HVAC and plumbing industries. With these various trending topics and conversations, we hope to better equip you and your team with resources that can elevate your operations.

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24 Oct 2022

Fall Marketing Tips for HVAC and Plumbing Companies

As customer HVAC and plumbing needs shift with the seasons, so should your business offerings — and your marketing tactics. With the cooler fall season making its way across the country, and the chill of winter not far behind, now is the time for HVAC and plumbing companies to adjust their operations and advertisements to complement upcoming seasonal opportunities. 

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04 Oct 2022

September Plumbing and HVAC Industry Round-Up

Welcome back, HVAC and plumbing professionals! Another month in the books means another JB Warranties’ Monthly Round-Up in the works. If you’re new to the JB Warranties blog, our round-ups are a periodic discussion of the industry’s trending topics and conversations. It’s our hope that these details empower HVAC and plumbing professionals to enhance their operations over time.

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14 Sep 2022

The Power of Service Agreements and How They Lead to Business Growth

Beyond extended warranty agreements, HVAC and plumbing service agreements are two valuable methods to boost consumer loyalty and enable ongoing business growth. Following an initial plumbing or HVAC system installation, service agreements can secure continuous service to customers and provide such customers with peak system performance for years to come.

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31 Aug 2022

August Plumbing and HVAC Industry Round-Up

Hey there, HVAC and plumbing industry professionals! We're back again with another JB Warranties’ Monthly Round-Up, where we discuss the relevant trade topics and industry conversations that occurred over the past month. We hope that these round-ups equip you and your team with the knowledge necessary to remain current in your trade business. 

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23 Aug 2022

How the Pandemic Modernized the Sales Process for HVAC & Plumbing

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has permanently altered service operations for trade professionals across the industry. From enhanced customer safety expectations to newfound supply chain delays, ongoing implications of the pandemic have necessitated that industry operators discover new avenues for obtaining business and maintaining customer satisfaction.

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18 Aug 2022

How to Identify and Prevent Technician Burnout

From ongoing labor shortages to COVID-induced supply chain disruptions and delays, there are numerous reasons why employee burnout has become a worldwide concern across countless industries — especially HVAC and plumbing. With many technicians stretched across increasingly overwhelming amounts of service calls and projects, it's sadly unsurprising that your team has also begun to suffer from burnout.

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29 Jul 2022

July Plumbing and HVAC Industry Round-Up

Welcome back, HVAC and plumbing industry professionals! We're back with another round of JB Warranties' Monthly Round-Up, a recurring post for us to discuss the most recent and relevant topics in the HVAC and plumbing industry. We hope these various news topics and trade conversations keep you better informed and equipped to tackle industry challenges.

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