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14 Nov 2022

Preparing Your Technicians for the 2022-2023 Flu Season

Believe it or not, it’s already been two years since we began adapting to ongoing COVID restrictions, delays, and all-around operational stress. Though we have finally reached a point of (somewhat) normalcy where restrictions and delays have begun to subside, and daily operations are back to business as usual, we simply cannot ignore the looming risk of the annual flu season.

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21 Sep 2022
19 Jul 2022

What Contractors Should Consider When Sourcing a Supplier

Problems with the supply chain aren't just a nuisance. For HVAC and plumbing contractors, these issues can cause delays in customer service, negative business reviews, and ultimately, lost profit. With ongoing supply chain delays only furthering these issues, HVAC and plumbing contractors must secure strong relationships with high-quality suppliers for optimal operations. 

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15 Sep 2021

Trade Talk | Rent-to-Own HVAC: Win-Win for Contractors and Customers

On this episode of Trade Talk, Chad Martin from Atwood Rentals HVAC shares his insight on why more and more customers and contractors are looking to them for help when purchasing a new AC system. He digs into the rent-to-own side of HVAC and how it's becoming more popular with contractors and customers.

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11 Aug 2021

7 Tips for Earning Referrals for Your HVAC or Plumbing Business

While it's true that referrals lead to sales, it's important to recognize that you won't get referrals by wishing for them. Instead, referrals roll in when you can turn customers into advocates for your company. Your services must exceed customer expectations and entice clients to share your plumbing or HVAC company with others. But sometimes, you must also take proactive steps to get the referrals flowing.

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27 May 2021

Trade Talk | How to Build a Successful HVAC and Plumbing Business

In this episode of Trade Talk, Tommy Cue speaks with Ben Jackson and Dale Jackson from Jackson Services about how they've built a successful HVAC and plumbing business. They talk about going from an appliance company to HVAC and more, why they took their offerings down to one supplier, expanding from HVAC only to include plumbing, community involvement, and more. Their motto is to figure out what you do well and then do it.

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10 May 2021

Trade Talk | What Contractors Can Expect with FieldEdge

In this episode of Trade Talk, Tommy Cue speaks with Janet Rudebeck from FieldEdge about what contractors can expect when working with them. They talk through the customer experience in regards to support and training, new features, and how the tool works. They also touch on the acquisition of Coolfront, and its benefits to dealers.

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05 Nov 2020

Trade Talk | How Mingeldorff's Keeps Contractor Base Loyal

In this episode of Trade Talk, Tommy Cue talks with Theo Stathakis from Mingledorff's. They spend time talking about their dealer meetings and how Mingledorff's manages to keep its contractor base loyal. They also get into how COVID has caused them to find different ways to adapt to the new normal.

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29 Oct 2020

Trade Talk | Fit Your Customer's Budget: Rent-to-Own HVAC

In this episode of Trade Talk, Tommy Cue talks with Jeff Scott from Atwood Rentals HVAC. They spend time talking about how Jeff went from being in the military to the VP of Sales at Atwood Rentals HVAC. They also get into how the rent-to-own HVAC space fills the gap for many HVAC contractors whose customers may not have the financial means for a new system.

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07 Oct 2020

Trade Talk | The 100 Million Dollar Success Story of Jimmy Hiller

In this episode of Trade Talk, Tommy Cue talks with Jimmy Hiller from Hiller Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electrical. They spend time digging into how Jimmy got into the HVAC industry and how he's grown his company by taking risks, offering back to the community, and offering outstanding customer service.

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