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27 May 2021

Trade Talk | How to Build a Successful HVAC and Plumbing Business

In this episode of Trade Talk, Tommy Cue speaks with Ben Jackson and Dale Jackson from Jackson Services about how they've built a successful HVAC and plumbing business. They talk about going from an appliance company to HVAC and more, why they took their offerings down to one supplier, expanding from HVAC only to include plumbing, community involvement, and more. Their motto is to figure out what you do well and then do it.

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10 May 2021

Trade Talk | What Contractors Can Expect with FieldEdge

In this episode of Trade Talk, Tommy Cue speaks with Janet Rudebeck from FieldEdge about what contractors can expect when working with them. They talk through the customer experience in regards to support and training, new features, and how the tool works. They also touch on the acquisition of Coolfront, and its benefits to dealers.

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05 Nov 2020

Trade Talk | How Mingeldorff's Keeps Contractor Base Loyal

In this episode of Trade Talk, Tommy Cue talks with Theo Stathakis from Mingledorff's. They spend time talking about their dealer meetings and how Mingledorff's manages to keep its contractor base loyal. They also get into how COVID has caused them to find different ways to adapt to the new normal.

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29 Oct 2020

Trade Talk | Fit Your Customer's Budget: Rent-to-Own HVAC

In this episode of Trade Talk, Tommy Cue talks with Jeff Scott from Atwood Rentals HVAC. They spend time talking about how Jeff went from being in the military to the VP of Sales at Atwood Rentals HVAC. They also get into how the rent-to-own HVAC space fills the gap for many HVAC contractors whose customers may not have the financial means for a new system.

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07 Oct 2020

Trade Talk | The 100 Million Dollar Success Story of Jimmy Hiller

In this episode of Trade Talk, Tommy Cue talks with Jimmy Hiller from Hiller Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, and Electrical. They spend time digging into how Jimmy got into the HVAC industry and how he's grown his company by taking risks, offering back to the community, and offering outstanding customer service.

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09 Sep 2020

Make a Disaster Preparedness Plan for Your HVAC or Plumbing Business

September 1st marks the start of National Preparedness Month (NPM), a time for families and businesses alike to become involved in disaster planning. In 2020, we’ve seen plenty of disasters: pandemic, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding, a derecho storm, and more have wreaked havoc on many communities. If nothing else, 2020 has taught us that there’s no better time than now to create a plan to protect your business and employees. 

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21 Jul 2020

Podcast | Janet Rudebeck - Getting to Know FieldEdge

In this episode of Trade Talk, Tommy Cue talks with Janet Rudebeck from FieldEdge. They spend time digging into the their product  and how 

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19 May 2020
19 Dec 2019

Observations from the 2019 HARDI Annual Conference

JB Warranties enjoyed another terrific year at the HARDI Annual Conference. While we were busy working the booth and talking to new and potential partners, a lot of amazing sessions were held. Did you attend any of them? 

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05 Dec 2019

Plumbers & HVAC Contractors: Create Customer Experiences

Have you read the recent article on covering different aspects of the EGIA 2019 event? A section about Drew Cameron's breakout session and his point about customer experiences grabbed my attention.

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