14 Jul 2022

June Plumbing and HVAC Industry Round-Up

Hi there, HVAC and plumbing industry professionals! Welcome back to JB Warranty’s Monthly Round-Up, where we look at relevant topics and conversations happening right now across trade industries. As a professional, it’s essential to keep up with current industry innovations and regulatory changes to help understand how they can benefit or impact your operations.

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28 Jun 2022

Trade Talk | Kevin Thornton - Help Your Business Thrive with the JBW Marketplace

On this episode of Trade Talk, Brian Bohannan talks with Kevin Thornton about the new JB Warranties Marketplace. The Marketplace offers dealers and other types of businesses (even doggy daycares) the opportunity to work on their own businesses to help them thrive and accomplish business goals with vetted businesses.

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21 Jun 2022

Employee Spotlight - Marc Piper

Marc Piper worked as a partner to JB Warranties back in 2016 as our commercial print salesman before joining the team full-time in August of 2019. Marc has been in the graphic design and commercial printing space since 1995, working with customers of all sizes around the Southwest. 

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06 Jun 2022

Trade Talk | Marc Piper - Free Resources to Market Your Extended Warranty Program

On this episode of Trade Talk, Marc Piper the Project Manager for JB Warranties shares some details about the free print materials they provide to customers to help them market extended warranties. 

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31 May 2022

May Plumbing & HVAC Industry Round-Up

Welcome back, HVAC and plumbing industry friends! JB Warranties is here with another Monthly Round-Up, where we dive deep to discover relevant conversations happening right now across our trade. We understand the importance of keeping up with industry trends and the beneficial influence they can have on your operations, so we strive to keep our readers in the loop. 

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24 May 2022

Creating a Quality Sales Process for Your HVAC or Plumbing Business

When it comes to the factors that help build a successful HVAC or plumbing business, a robust operation doesn't simply start and end with top-notch customer service — in fact, it's quite the opposite. For an HVAC or plumbing business to truly thrive, owners must tap into various types of revenue streams, including a quality sales process, just to lock in customers in the first place.

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16 May 2022

​​How to Get a Great Truck Wrap Design & Mistakes to Avoid

For field service businesses, like HVAC and plumbing, vehicle wraps serve as a fantastic form of advertising that has the potential to reach thousands of prospective customers each week. With American drivers taking an average of 1.1 billion trips a day, there's no doubt that the use of vehicle wraps offers an immense customer reach that can even rival that of digital marketing solutions. 

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04 May 2022

April Plumbing & HVAC Industry Round-Up

Hi there, fellow plumbing and HVAC trades folk! Welcome back to JB Warranties' Monthly Round-Up, where we highlight the hottest topics across our shared industry. As a leader in extended warranty services for HVAC and plumbing professionals, we understand how important keeping up with current industry trends can be for a successful business. 

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25 Apr 2022

Employee Spotlight - John Robert

John Robert joined the company in August of 2018 as Territory Manager in Houston, Texas, after graduating from Texas Tech University. John spent most of his time as a Territory Manager, consulting with contractors and working with our distribution partners throughout greater Houston.

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19 Apr 2022

2023 HVAC Regulation Changes: Have You Started Preparing Yet?

With the ongoing impacts of shipping delays, price inflation, and supply chain shortages, the last thing HVAC professionals need right now is to be unprepared for upcoming 2023 HVAC industry regulation changes. These forthcoming regulations entail new minimum efficiency standards for heat pumps and air conditioners that can affect how to conduct business in the new year.

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