11 Jan 2021

HVAC and Plumbing Industry Trends to Be On the Lookout for in 2021

The start of a new year means new trends will soon find their way to your customers. For HVAC contractors and plumbing business owners, the early days of 2021 mark the perfect time to begin researching currently emerging trends to better prepare you and your team for the work year ahead. By incorporating new technology, adopting preferred customer services, and dismissing outdated trends, your company can outshine competitors all year long. 

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05 Jan 2021

5 Tips for Winterizing Homes this Season

Cooler temperatures across the country mean seasonal maintenance on HVAC systems will soon hit an annual high. Before leaving any customers in the cold this winter, it’s important for technicians to offer winterization at each service appointment. Whether you’ll be checking heating and cooling vents for potential gaps or upselling customers on smart thermostats, these improvements can ensure each customer is toasty and warm this chilly season. 

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14 Dec 2020

HVAC Solutions to Reduce the Risk of Virus Spread in Commercial and Residential Spaces

While healthcare workers remain on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic, HVAC technicians are essential workers who can also help keep the public safe and comfortable. As scientific studies continue to navigate the novel Coronavirus, as well as common illnesses such as influenza, it’s never been more important to provide customers with clean air options. Fortunately, HVAC businesses can play a significant role in maintaining safe air quality within homes and businesses. 

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08 Dec 2020

Employee Spotlight - Don Seaward

Don Seaward is the longest tenured member of the sales team here at JB Warranties. Don started in his current capacity as the Regional Sales Manager of Florida back in 2008, but his relationship with Mr. Bohannan goes back before then. Since 2008, Don has been the #1 salesman in the company every single year, accounting for a large portion of all JB Warranties business, affirming that Don is one of the foremost experts in HVAC warranty.

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01 Dec 2020

Preparing Your Field Technicians for Flu Season

Between the stress of adapting to COVID-19 restrictions and encountering conditions brought on by the pandemic crisis, the last thing you probably want to hear right now is that flu season is right around the corner. Although this inevitable time of year is on its way once again, that’s no cause to stress about how your HVAC or plumbing technicians will approach these next few months. 

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24 Nov 2020

The 6 Most Common HVAC and Plumbing Cold Weather Calls (And How to Prepare for Them)

Each year as the temperature drops, we see the same common issues arise across the map. Whether you’re answering an emergency call or a routine service visit, it’s crucial technicians and teams remain prepared to tackle any cold-weather concerns that come about. Consider these common issues HVAC and plumbing companies face annually as the seasons change, and check out what you should be doing to prepare for them. 

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16 Nov 2020
05 Nov 2020

Trade Talk | How Mingeldorff's Keeps Contractor Base Loyal

In this episode of Trade Talk, Tommy Cue talks with Theo Stathakis from Mingledorff's. They spend time talking about their dealer meetings and how Mingledorff's manages to keep its contractor base loyal. They also get into how COVID has caused them to find different ways to adapt to the new normal.

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02 Nov 2020
29 Oct 2020

Trade Talk | Fit Your Customer's Budget: Rent-to-Own HVAC

In this episode of Trade Talk, Tommy Cue talks with Jeff Scott from Atwood Rentals HVAC. They spend time talking about how Jeff went from being in the military to the VP of Sales at Atwood Rentals HVAC. They also get into how the rent-to-own HVAC space fills the gap for many HVAC contractors whose customers may not have the financial means for a new system.

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