09 Mar 2021

Trade Talk | HVAC Know It All Apps for Techs and Business Owners

In this episode of Trade Talk, Brian Bohannan and Tommy Cue talk with Gary McCreadie from HVAC Know It All. Gary shares details about his new HVAC Know It All mobile app, his in the works Blue Collar Guru app, and a lot more about the HVAC tech life. Listen in and learn how his apps will help your HVAC techs and how it is also helpful for HVAC business owners.

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01 Mar 2021

HVAC & Plumbing Pros: Tips To Avoid the Spam Folder

How frustrating is it to spend hours of your time developing email marketing materials, just to learn that dreaded spam filters sent your message straight to a junk folder and not your customer's inbox? Rest assured, you're not alone. 

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24 Feb 2021

Employee Spotlight - Whitney Haynes

Whitney Haynes has been working in the Claims Department and a part of the JB Warranties family for five years. She excels in problem solving and is always willing to go the extra mile in assisting customers. She serves as a mentor to other claims adjusters and is excellent at training new employees. Whitney truly is a team player in every aspect. We are grateful to have her as an employee and as a friend.

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16 Feb 2021

Why Your HVAC Company Should Offer Ductless HVAC Systems

The past few years have seen a rise in “mini-split systems,” ductless heating and cooling systems that act as fantastic alternatives to traditional HVAC technology. Although many industries—including HVAC manufacturing—took a hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, updated market reports still anticipate significant continued growth in the demand for ductless HVAC systems in the years to come. 

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11 Feb 2021

Trade Talk | JBW and Podium Partnership

In this episode of Trade Talk, Brian Bohannan talks with Katie Hill from Podium about the new partnership between JB Warranties and Podium. Listen in and learn about Podium and how they are taking contractors to the next level in their businesses. 

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01 Feb 2021

How to Leverage Print Marketing in Your HVAC or Plumbing Business

Contrary to common belief, the use of print marketing is far from dead. As a matter of fact, incorporating print media into your HVAC or plumbing company's marketing tactics can be more cost-effective, better at targeting local consumers, and more preferred than online marketing. In a recent consumer survey of 1,200 people and more than a dozen advertisement channels, 82 percent of participants ranked print ads as the channel they trusted most to make a purchase decision.

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20 Jan 2021

5 Benefits of Offering HVAC Extended Warranties

If you’re an HVAC contractor that isn’t offering HVAC extended warranties, what’s holding you back? Sure, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranties are lengthy, but those warranties cover parts only -- not parts and labor. Chances are, your existing customers will appreciate the peace of mind that an extended warranty brings, and you will love the long-term relationships that extended service agreements offer.

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11 Jan 2021

HVAC and Plumbing Industry Trends to Be On the Lookout for in 2021

The start of a new year means new trends will soon find their way to your customers. For HVAC contractors and plumbing business owners, the early days of 2021 mark the perfect time to begin researching currently emerging trends to better prepare you and your team for the work year ahead. By incorporating new technology, adopting preferred customer services, and dismissing outdated trends, your company can outshine competitors all year long. 

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05 Jan 2021

5 Tips for Winterizing Homes this Season

Cooler temperatures across the country mean seasonal maintenance on HVAC systems will soon hit an annual high. Before leaving any customers in the cold this winter, it’s important for technicians to offer winterization at each service appointment. Whether you’ll be checking heating and cooling vents for potential gaps or upselling customers on smart thermostats, these improvements can ensure each customer is toasty and warm this chilly season. 

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14 Dec 2020

HVAC Solutions to Reduce the Risk of Virus Spread in Commercial and Residential Spaces

While healthcare workers remain on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic, HVAC technicians are essential workers who can also help keep the public safe and comfortable. As scientific studies continue to navigate the novel Coronavirus, as well as common illnesses such as influenza, it’s never been more important to provide customers with clean air options. Fortunately, HVAC businesses can play a significant role in maintaining safe air quality within homes and businesses. 

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