16 Jan 2023

The Top 5 Barriers Blocking Your HVAC or Plumbing Company from Boosting Sales

Across HVAC and plumbing sales processes, countless factors can impact the number of leads in your trade company’s pipeline. Even with a proper strategy in place, failure to supply and power it with the right resources will result in the loss of potential customer revenue and the loss of numerous investments you made to develop a sales pipeline in the first place.

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09 Jan 2023

The Importance of HVAC and Plumbing Business Insurance

To maintain and scale a profitable HVAC or plumbing business, company owners must protect themselves each step of the way — especially with the proper business insurance. Investing in various types of business insurance protects your employees, company assets, and business at large from unexpected mishaps and protects your paying customers.

Keep reading to learn more about the various types of insurance, from worker's compensation to property insurance, that trade business owners should consider having, as well as the potential risks failing to insure your business can have on your operations. Let’s get started.

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03 Jan 2023

Top HVAC Industry Trends to Be Aware of in 2023

From industry regulation updates to post-pandemic supply chain influences, several recent HVAC industry shifts have impacted your operations. As we quickly approach 2023, it’s essential for HVAC operators and technicians to be mindful of the impacts these rising trends could have on the day-to-day workflow, the services you offer customers, and more.

Today’s post will discuss the top three HVAC trends for 2023 and the best ways to prepare and benefit from them in the long run. By remaining well-equipped for the changes ahead, HVAC contractors can drive customer satisfaction, boost company profitability, and aid company growth through 2023 and beyond.

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28 Dec 2022

December Plumbing and HVAC Industry Round-Up

Hey there, HVAC and plumbing professionals! Believe it or not, we’re back with the final JB Warranties’ Round-Up of the year. Throughout 2022, we’ve supplied a monthly breakdown of what’s what in the trade industry, from trending topics to leading legislation that have impacted not only your plumbing or HVAC business operations but also the market at large. 

In our November Round-Up, we discussed a few trade updates, including the EPA’s upcoming new HFC allowances for 2023, Interplay Learning’s announcement of new EPA and OSHA training courses, and the HVAC industry's urge to better tackle poor IAQ awareness. Now, let’s look at how the year's final month influenced the HVAC and plumbing industry.

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21 Dec 2022

The 12 Services of Christmas

This holiday season, unwrap a great deal by signing up with one or more of the JB Dealer Services Marketplace vendor partners!

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16 Dec 2022

Trade Talk | Preparing for the 2023 HVAC Regulation Changes

We've been talking about the upcoming HVAC regulation changes recently, and we've got some more experts joining us to dig into what's to come. Matt Michel from Service Roundtable and Bryan Davenport from Trane Technologies sat down with Tommy Cue to discuss the changes.

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12 Dec 2022

Preparing for the Future HVAC Industry

Beginning January 2023, technicians and contractors should gear up for incoming HVAC regulations that can impact operations and services provided to customers. Alongside the various statutes slated to become law in the coming years, now is the best time for HVAC trade professionals to prepare for the industry's future. 

Whether you’re an HVAC company owner or a field technician, it’s crucial to understand how these new regulations will impact your daily workflows. Keep reading to learn more about what the future has in store for the HVAC industry and the steps you can take to prepare today.

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05 Dec 2022

The Importance of HVAC Industry Certifications

It’s no secret there are tons of certifications to obtain across the HVAC industry, but what’s not as well-known is just how relevant these certifications are. From hands-on technical skills to mandatory safety practices, HVAC certifications are essential to the technicians receiving them and to the local businesses and homeowners whom technicians serve. 

Keep reading to learn more about the importance of HVAC industry certifications, including how they benefit HVAC businesses and the top three certifications your technicians should consider. 

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28 Nov 2022

November Plumbing and HVAC Industry Round-Up

Welcome back, HVAC and plumbing professionals! We're here with another of JB Warranties’ Monthly Round-Ups, a recurring post to discuss the various topics and trends that have impacted the trade industries over the course of the past month. With these monthly discussions, we aim to better equip you and your trade company with resources that can enhance your overall operations.

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22 Nov 2022

Leveraging Small Business Saturday & Shop Small ® Season for your HVAC and Plumbing Business

Small Business Saturday

By now, most people have heard of Small Business Saturday - the Saturday following Thanksgiving (and Black Friday).  It's a day when consumers focus on supporting small businesses in their communities and across the country. This designated shopping day was officially kicked off in 2010 by American Express and has been co-sponsored by the US Small Business Association since 2011. All 50 states observe this day, and while there is one specific Small Business Saturday, the Shop Small ® theme continues throughout the holiday season.

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