19 Feb 2024

2024 Plumbing Conference and Trade Show Calendar

In last week’s blog post, we discussed a selection of HVAC/R industry trade shows set to take place in 2024. With JB Warranties offering services to providers outside of the HVAC space, we wanted to be sure we included our friends over in the plumbing sector. So, we’ve put together a comprehensive calendar of the top exciting expos and conferences set to hit the industry in 2024! 

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12 Feb 2024

2024 HVAC Conference and Trade Show Calendar

Every year, the HVAC/R sector hosts a collection of conferences and trade shows fit for all levels of industry professionals. From showcasing new and innovative solutions to conducting in-depth training and educational sessions, these annual gatherings hold great potential for HVAC contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers looking for new ideas on how to enhance operations.  

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05 Feb 2024

JB Warranties January 2024 Round-Up

Happy New Year, HVAC and plumbing professionals, and welcome to the 2024 JB Warranties Round-Up Series! With the first month of operations quickly coming to an end, we imagine many of our readers were too busy brainstorming New Year’s business goals and implementing new service offerings to have caught up on the latest current events and rising trends over the past few weeks.

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01 Feb 2024

Celebrating African American Inventors Who Changed the HVAC & Plumbing Industries


Black History Month, which was initially a week-only event until 1976 when it became an officially recognized month, focuses on and celebrates the contributions of African Americans to the United States from all periods of history. The theme for Black History Month 2024, as set by ASALH (Association for the Study of African American Life and History), is African Americans and the Arts.

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22 Jan 2024

Ensuring HVAC Customer Safety This Winter: Why Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Education is a Must

Carbon monoxide poisoning. Three words that no homeowner — nor any HVAC service provider — wants to hear. There are several common sources of carbon monoxide poisoning that pose a risk to home and business owners alike, no matter the time of year. However, the increase in various fuel-burning heat devices that accompany the winter months only spikes this omnipresent threat.

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16 Jan 2024

The Pros and Cons of Purchasing an Extended Warranty

Here at JB Warranties, it’s no secret that we’re major advocates for purchasing a reliable extended warranty to protect customers’ equipment, their homes, and, most importantly, their peace of mind. However, we’ve also served as in-field technicians and we understand that sometimes, upselling a customer on an extended warranty coverage after an already-expensive system installation can be tricky. 

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10 Jan 2024

How to Identify and Prevent HVAC Tech Burnout

With a snowballing number of urgent winter service calls soon to roll in, the last thing HVAC service providers want to battle at the start of the New Year is employee burnout. Across the HVAC industry, compounding factors like continuous labor shortages throughout periods of overwhelming demand have triggered concerns for HVAC tech burnout — and the harmful impacts it has on businesses. 

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04 Jan 2024

JB Warranties December 2023 Round-Up

Welcome back, plumbing and HVAC experts! JB Warranties is back again with another Monthly Round-Up — our last of 2023! We’ve spent the past 11 months (22 months when you count our 2022 Round-Ups, too!) scouring the web to gather the latest news, events, and trends that have swept across the trade industry. As the holiday season ramps up, we’re back again to look towards 2024.

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21 Dec 2023

How to Promote Your Plumbing Business in 2024

While the title “Master Plumber” indicates that you’ve obtained the highest level of expertise in your field, it doesn’t imply that you’ve also mastered other elements of the plumbing business, like how to promote your services—and that’s okay! Most people who can swap out a water heater in record time or shimmy into a trench box for a burst pipe don’t focus heavily on plumbing advertising ideas.

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11 Dec 2023

Pipeline Success: Boosting Your Plumbing Sales Skills

Did you know that roughly 40% of sales leaders miss their annual revenue targets? While there are an array of uncontrollable factors that could impact overall plumbing sales success—hello, a global pandemic and widespread supply chain delays—a leading, yet manageable factor is a lack of company sales skills. Without proper plumbing sales training, the average plumbing company will struggle to gain customer leads, boost profit margins, and ultimately, fail to hit revenue goals in 2024. 

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