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21 Jun 2022

Employee Spotlight - Marc Piper

JBW-Employee Spotlight - Marc Piper

Marc Piper worked as a partner to JB Warranties back in 2016 as our commercial print salesman before joining the team full-time in August of 2019. Marc has been in the graphic design and commercial printing space since 1995, working with customers of all sizes around the Southwest. 

Since joining the JB Warranties team, Marc has left his imprint, overseeing a complete redesign of all our print marketing materials and standing up our in-house print production facility. Under Marc’s direction, we service thousands of customers annually, providing custom marketing materials and facilitating direct mail campaigns from coast to coast.

Thank you, Marc, for your hard work and dedication to the company.




Getting to know Marc


What is your position at JB Warranties?

Project Manager

How long have you worked at JB Warranties?

3 Years

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Determined. Creative. Loyal.

Name one thing on your bucket list.

Own a ranch.

Here are a few fun facts about Marc.

I've free-handled a 6' Western diamondback rattlesnake. 🐍

What do you believe sets JB Warranties apart?

Our culture. JB Warranties gives its employees the resources to succeed so we're able to take care of our customers better than any other company out there. We always have each others' backs. We never hesitate to help each other. Everyone here is family.