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01 Dec 2020

Preparing Your Field Technicians for Flu Season

Between the stress of adapting to COVID-19 restrictions and encountering conditions brought on by the pandemic crisis, the last thing you probably want to hear right now is that flu season is right around the corner. Although this inevitable time of year is on its way once again, that’s no cause to stress about how your HVAC or plumbing technicians will approach these next few months. 

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21 Apr 2020

Nurture Plumbing & HVAC Customer Relationships Now

Plumbing and HVAC pros are essential employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, that doesn’t mean your phones are ringing off the hook for service appointments. A lot of people are scared to let people into their homes right now while they self isolate and ride out the pandemic. While this whole public health crisis can be a headache, it also offers opportunities to nurture your HVAC or plumbing customer relationships.

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27 Jan 2020

R-22 Phaseout: Initial Reactions After the Deadline

Well, January 1st has come and gone, and it’s now official. R-22 may no longer be manufactured in or imported to the United States. As usual, a few news outlets have capitalized on the news with headlines like:

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