23 Dec 2019

Do Your HVAC Extended Warranties Make the Naughty or Nice List?

It's that time of year where kids are trying to figure out if they made Santa's naughty or nice list. We thought it would be fun to figure out what kind of HVAC extended warranties program provider that Santa would put on the naughty vs. nice list. We've broken it down for you. 


Your HVAC extended warranty program provider will be on the Naughty List if:

  • Warranties are transferable BUT with limitations that include deadlines and fees
  • There are DEDUCTIBLES!
  • It requires pre-authorization on multiple repair types
  • It has limited lower late rates
  • It doesn't offer you a single stop for purchasing coverage on every brand in one place
  • There are penalties for claiming multiple repairs
  • There is limited support for sales and claims assistance
  • The program solicits YOUR customers for warranty renewals

Your extended warranties program provider is on the Nice List when:

  • A warranty transfers to a new homeowner at any time, free of charge
  • You can purchase for equipment installed up to 24 months ago
  • There are no deductibles
  • There are no pre-authorizations for repairs
  • It includes reimbursable labor rates up to $300 per hour
  • It sells warranties in all 50 states
  • Includes a simple online dashboard to make purchasing and filing claims easy
  • It covers all brands
  • There's customizable marketing literature for free — with your company's logo
  • Includes a large support staff for sales and claims; no hold times, no confusing automated systems
  • You're ensured fast claims payment

Get your extended warranties program on the Nice List, so you can make more HVAC sales and retain customers.. Work with JB Warranties. We're Santa-approved since 1996! Learn more about the benefits of offering extended HVAC warranties to your customers, then register for JB Warranties' Premium Protection Plan.